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Looking for a professional tattoo/piercing studio and artist? We have spent the last several years compiling the ultimate directory of Tattoo Studios and artists throughout the world. Countries included in our directory are uk, usa, germany, franch, spain, portugal, italy, netherlands, belgium, austria, swiz, poland, finland, romania, norway, sweden, hungary, greece, denmark, lithuania, lativa, canada, brazil, argentina, puru, mexico, venezuela , columbia, australia, new zeland, indonesia, russia, serbia, china, malaysia, japan, thailand, south korea, bulgaria, czech, belarius, estonia, ukraine, india, hong kong and other countries. We've organised them by country and region and added the facility for users of the site to review and recommend their favorite tattoo studio.

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If you want to post a review for a studio listed on our web site just click on the Read Reviews page for the chosen studio, then follow the instructions and fill in the form. Don't forget to rate them 1- 5 stars!

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Add as much information as you like on your advert
Update your advert in the secure studio area in realtime - anytime you want
Add your address, phone number, web site address, location map, email address plus other online contact
Add your prices, awards, areas of expertise, tattoo info etc
Add your contact times
Upload images of you, your shop and up to 18 images of your tattoo work
Allow your customers to review your tattoos
Track visits to your advert, web site and map on our secure area.

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